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We are here to help everyone with better time management

About eventDo

At eventDo we value and respect time, but we know that time means different things for different people. For companies, it may be about turnover in relation to production hours, while for private individuals it may be about maximizing their leave and ensuring that they do not miss important events. We also know that time scheduling must be as smooth and efficient as possible to make the greatest possible use. Therefore, we have developed an automated system that ensures that no bookings fall between the cracks.

We are a startup based in Gothenburg, and we are really passionate about our products. By prioritizing each individual customer, and assessing our success based on our customers' satisfaction, we have gradually experienced that one hundred percent commitment pays off. Our customers appreciate that we take care of the administrative, so they can focus on things that are more important.

Shortcomings in booking management can often have devastating consequences, both on an economic and personal level. Those who experience that a booking has been forgotten often feel neglected, and when things have to be canceled as a result of an administrative miss, this does quite often lead to additional costs. By acting as a natural link between bookings, calendar management and reminders, we make sure that nothing is forgotten.

Join us on our journey towards better time management.

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