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No more

missed appointments!

Does it happen that you forget about an appointment? EventDo is an app that automatically adds your bookings to the calendar - fast, easy and completely free.

How it works


Download and register

Download the app and register quickly and easily with your mobile number.


Book as usual

You book a service just like usual at your hairdresser or dentist, and if they are connected to eventDo they send the reservation to the eventDo app.


The booking is saved in your calender

With the eventDo app, the reservation is automatically added to your calendar.

Benefits of eventDo


When you book a time at the doctor, car repair shop or hairdresser, the reservation is automatically added to your calendar. 

Easier to remember

EventDo makes it easier to remember your appointments. Everything is gathered in you calender.

Better than SMS

No more SMS reminders that you still can't remember when it is time.

About us

We are a startup from Gothenburg that has the ambition to solve the problem of missed appointments. Missed appointments are, as you know, frustrating and create a lot of unnecessary stress for many people. With the help of an app that automatically adds your appointments to the calendar, eventDo will simplify your everyday life - smooth, isn't it?

Want to simplify your everyday life?

Download the app today!


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