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Here are all the materials and examples you can
use to communicate about eventDo.

Inform your customer

Inform your customer about eventDo so that more people will start using the service. 
It will help you reduce No-Shows, spend less time managing bookings and focusing on what you love to do!

Below you will find examples of how you can communicate about eventDo,
put the text on your booking page or place a table display at the front desk if you book in place.

Text for your
booking page

Give the customer the option to get the reservation to their calendar by entering the following text, as well as the eventDo logo (with a link to for more information) on your booking page:

Send the booking to my calendar via eventDo.

The picture shows an example of how it could look like on your booking page.

Table display

Download the table display and print it, to show that you are connected to eventDo. Place it at the counter so the customer can see it.


Download eventDo logo for both digital material and for printing in CMYK or RGB.

The RAR files contain PNG, EPS and SVG formats.

Primary logo

Download in

CMYK   l   RGB

Secondary logo

Download in

CMYK   l   RGB


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