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 Effective as of 2018-08-20 until further notice.

1. Introduction

EventDo offers you an application-based messaging service that aims to simplify everyday life for people making it easier to remember their booked times and thereby reduce the absence.


The service means that eventDo, after approved registration of a User's account, provides electronic messages and bookings ("Events") to the user's eventDo application from those companies, organizations, authorities, municipalities and others who have chosen to join eventDo ("Service providers"), whereafter they are automatically synchronized with the user's calendar application on their mobile devices.


By accessing eventDo website, the user agrees to receive Events from Service Providers that are connected to or will join the eventDo. A more detailed description of the Service and its functions is available through the Service.

2. General terms and definitions

These General Terms apply between eventDo and persons using the Service. By using the Service, the User agrees that this information has been read, understood and agreed to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. If the User does not agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, the User may not access or use the Service.



Different types of bookings, for example, Doctor visits, appointment at the mechanic or time at the hairdresser.


"Terms and Conditions”

These terms and conditions


”The User”

The person using the Service. The user is the service provider's customer who books time with them, either by visiting their website, or via another contact.


”User account”

The personal account is created once the User sign up for the Service with their mobile number or an e-ID, for example BankID.



The website refers to www.eventdo.se and other pages owned by eventDo AB.


”The Application”

Those mobile applications from which the Service is provided and accessible to the User, such as the apps available at the App store and the Play store and owned by eventDo AB.



EventDo always refers to eventDo AB, corporate ID no. 556847-3499 as a company or eventDo as a service.


"Service Provider"

Service provider is the person, company or organization and its owners, employees, partners or consultants, who use eventDo to send bookings to the User.


”The Service”

The service provided by eventDo for the User via the Application.


"Third Party Websites"

Websites belonging to third parties and to whom the Service refers.


"Privacy Policy”

EventDo's Privacy Policy, which forms an integrated part of these Terms and Conditions and which is available on the Website and in the Application.

3. Change of terms

EventDo has the right to change or add new additions to the Terms and Conditions at any given time.

Any changes will take effect no earlier than two (2) months after:


(i)   The user is notified of the change to his registered mobile number, or

(ii)   The change is published on the Website and in the Application, or

(iii)  The User is informed about the change in some other way.


Changes that are of a significant nature (e.g. that eventDo would charge for the Service) require the explicit acceptance from the User.

4. Registration of User Account

In order to use the Service, the User must register a User Account in the Application, and agree to these Terms and Conditions.


The user account is personal and may only be used by the User. Requests to subscribe or terminate the Service are linked to the mobile number that is linked to the User account. During registration, the user must state their correct mobile number. The user account cannot be transferred or inherited. The user account remains active until the day when:

  1. The user deletes his or her User Account,
  2. EventDo terminates the User account from the Service, or
  3. The service is closed by eventDo.

5. Processing of personal data

In order for eventDo to be able to provide the Service to the User, EventDo needs to collect and process personal information about the User. EventDo is responsible for the User's personal data which is processed by the Service. For more information about how eventDo collects and processes the user's personal data, visit eventDo’s Privacy Policy.

6. The Service

The service is accessible to the User via the Application. The service is free of charge and may be used by those persons who have registered as a User, once the registration has been confirmed by eventDo. However, since the Service is an online service, roaming charges may be incurred by the User's operator.


EventDo has the right to implement updates and new versions of the Service to the extent that eventDo finds appropriate. EventDo also has the right to, without prior information, make changes to the Service or in the manner in which the Service is provided.


The service may include offers from eventDo or its partners. If the User accepts an offer from a third party, the third party's terms and conditions for such offer applies. It is the user’s responsibility to read and understand the external terms from third parties. EventDo is responsible for ensuring that any offers in the Service is in accordance with eventDo’s guidelines and cannot be perceived as offensive.

7. Use of the Service

The user is responsible for bookings and cancellations made via the service provider. EventDo cannot be held responsible for such bookings and cancellations.


Through these Terms and Conditions, the User receives a non-exclusive right to access and use the Service in accordance with these Terms and conditions. The user should follow those instructions that eventDo provides for the use of the Service.


The User ensures that the User will not use the Service for any purpose contrary to applicable law or these Terms and Conditions.


The user is responsible for all activity that takes place within the limits of its user account. This also applies to activities that take place unauthorized. The user shall immediately report this to eventDo in case of suspicion of infringement by unauthorized persons in his User Account. EventDo will then immediately ban the User account from further use.


The user must follow the safety regulations stated by eventDO in the Service. EventDo has the right to change the applicable safety regulations. Such changes come into effect in the same way as changes, according to item 3 above.


EventDo is entitled at any time to ban the User from the Service if the User is suspected of violating these Terms and Conditions or in some other way causing damage to eventDo, Service Provider, other users or any third party.


In case of misuse of the Service, the User is obliged to compensate eventDo for the damage that has arisen in connection with the abuse and/or the User's violation of these Terms and Conditions.

8. Limited access to the Service

EventDo does not guarantee any continuous, uninterrupted or secure access to the Service. Since the Service can be disturbed by factors beyond eventDo's control, EventDo does not provide any guarantees for the Service's function or availability.


EventDo has the right to take measures that affect access to the Service if this is necessary for technical, maintenance or safety reasons. EventDo also has the right to immediately remove access to the Service if the use of the Service seriously damages or risks serious damage to eventDo or other parties. EventDo shall promptly inform the User that access to the Service has been closed or restricted in any regard.


EventDo has the right, at any given time, to terminate the User account from the Service, if eventDo believes that the User has violated these General Terms or otherwise risks causing damage to eventDo, Service Provider, other user or other person. EventDo reserves the right to decide at its sole discretion whether any Users have breached any provision of these General Terms and Conditions.

9. Responsibility in relation to Service Providers

EventDo does not in any way represent Service Providers towards Users. The user is solely responsible for the fulfillment of all agreements that the User has entered with the Service Provider.


The user is solely responsible for obtaining information about the services that the User orders through the Service Provider. The user is also solely responsible for reviewing and following the Service Provider's terms of use for the services offered by the Service Provider.


EventDo disclaims any liability from the services provided by the Service Provider and does not provide any, whether expressed or implied, warranties with the Service Provider's fulfillment of its obligations to the User. The service provider is independently responsible for fulfilling any obligations to the User.

10. Intellectual property rights

EventDo owns all rights, including intellectual property rights to the Service, including but not limited to process, method, software and design. The user does not receive any intellectual property rights to the Service or any of the material created by using the Service. This means, among other things, that eventDo remains the owner of all its intellectual property rights and features such as copyright, design protection, trademarks and other registered and non-registered rights. Nothing in these Terms and conditions shall be perceived so that any of these rights shall be wholly or partly transferred to the User.


The user does not have any right to copy, reproduce, sell, license, distribute, modify, decompile or in any other way make changes to the Service, nor make the Service, or any part of the Service, available to others.


All the content on the Website and in the Application such as texts, graphics, logos, buttons, icons, audio files and software belongs to the eventDo or the provider of the content, such as Service Provider. Any unauthorized use or distribution of the Content that may violate applicable law or these Terms and Conditions may be subject to legal action.

11. Third Party Websites

The Website and the Application may contain links to Third Party Websites. EventDo has no control over or responsibility for linked Third Party Websites and shall not be held responsible for any damage that occurs in connection with the use of any services found on Third Party Websites.


EventDo urges the User and visitors on the Website who clicks on links to Third Party Websites to review the terms and the privacy policy of these Third Party Websites.

12. Limitations of liability and disclaimer

EventDo is not responsible for the activity that takes place in the Service or such information that is available to the User in the Service. EventDo is therefore never required to pay compensation for, but not exclusively, loss of income, data loss or other direct or indirect losses or damages, or other costs that directly or indirectly depend on (i) the User's or other users' use of the Service, (ii) the material that can be found in the Service, or (iii) the interactions between the User and the Service Provider. The limitation of liability also applies to the User's possible liability to third parties.

13. Out-of-court complaints anf dispute resolution

In the event that the User has a complaint regarding the Service, the User is free to submit such complaints to the eventDo via the contact, detailed below in item 15. EventDo always strives for the User to be satisfied, and will make an effort to solve the situation.

14. Force majeure

With the exception of certain cases where the User or eventDo has acted highly negligently, each party is always to be held without liability for breach of the parts' agreements regarding the Service caused by events outside the part's control, such as thunderstorms, fire, power outages, strike, war, mobilization or military summons of greater scope, requisition, seizure, government regulations, government action, newly arrived or amended legislation, conflict in the labor market and thereby equal circumstances.

15. Communication

The user accepts that all communications from eventDo, including but not limited to messages and other information for the purpose of the Service and/or these Terms and Conditions may be done electronically.


These Terms and Conditions are drawn up in English and messages between the User and EventDo should be in English.


For questions concerning the Service or these Terms and Conditions, the User is asked to contact eventDo. EventDos contact information is:


EventDo AB

Ögärdesvägen 1

436 40, Askim

Email: contact@eventdo.se

16. Messages

Messages from eventDo and the User to the other part must be delivered in person or by an agent, a registered letter or email to the addresses that were most recently notified in writing by the other party. Message should be considered received:


  1. if submitted in person or by an agent: at delivery;
  2. if dispatched by registered letter: five (5) days after dispatch; or
  3. if sent by email: the date of dispatch, if the sender can show that the message has been sent to the correct email address.

17. Invalidity of the agreeement

If any agreement, or part thereof, in these Terms and Conditions be considered invalid, this does not mean that the agreement between eventDo and the User is entirety invalid. Instead, a reasonable adjustment of the agreement shall be made to the extent that the invalidity substantially affects the party's exchange or performance under the agreement.

18. Transfer

Party does not have the right to fully or partially pledge or transfer rights and / or obligations under the agreement to others without the other party's written consent. EventDo, however, always has the right to transfer the agreement between eventDo and the User to a company that is part of the same group as eventDo.

19. Applicable law and dispute resolution

On the agreement between the User and eventDo, including these Terms and Conditions, Swedish law shall apply with the exception of its conflict of law’s provisions. Disputes arising between the User and eventDo shall be settled in a Swedish public court.


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